Friday, August 14, 2015

From one blogger to another

I come across this POEM one a blog that i was reading, and i love it. I know how she is feeling BECAUSE i am felling the same way right now. so THEIR no way i was going to go with out RE POSTING it on my blog. So if you are felling the same way about love i hope this help. you are not alone


I miss being in love with someone who loves me back.
I miss waking up in the middle of the night from nightmares and having someone right there to hold me until I fall back soundly asleep again.
I miss knowing that I, too, mean everything to the person who means the world to me.
I miss long talks at night planning our future together and being genuinely excited thinking about it.
I miss having someone to cuddle every night.
I miss knowing my name is safe with that person because they loved me for who I was.
I miss having someone look deeply into my eyes every time I talked to them because they cared about everything I said.
I miss someone wiping away my tears when I cry.
I miss not ever having to feel completely alone.
I miss trusting a person wholeheartedly and knowing they’ll never let you down.
I miss believing everything he will tell you without a doubt in my mind.
I miss being with someone who tells me with a convinced look on his face, “You’re the girl I’m going to marry.”
I miss watching movies with someone till we fell asleep late in the night, and feeling like I could spend the rest of my life doing exactly that.
I miss waking up to your significant other in the morning and laughing at their puddle of drool on their pillow.
I miss having a warm pair of hands to hold in the theatre because mine always gets cold.
I miss forehead kisses every single night.
I miss how I knew I always had someone to talk to no matter how insignificant a topic I have in mind.
I miss having someone to share my life with, every little happening and important event.
I miss believing I was worth loving.
I miss loving someone so much, I would gladly exchange my life for theirs.
I miss knowing I’m the reason for someone’s happiness.
I miss someone asking me what I wanted for dinner, and then lets me steal his food when his meal is nicer than mine.
I miss cooking someone’s favorite dishes and seeing him eat them greedily in appreciation.
I miss falling asleep on someone’s shoulder during long car rides.
I miss knowing no matter how great a shit storm life throws at me, I have someone who will be right next to me going through it together.
I miss grocery shopping with someone who was happy to cook with me.
I miss having someone’s undivided attention and being his top priority at all times.
I miss trying to impress someone’s parents, hoping they will like me because I want to be part of his family some day.
I miss putting extra effort to look pretty when going on dates and hoping he would notice it.
I miss going on holiday with someone who makes every great adventure in life even better simply by being part of it.
I miss having someone to love me even when I can’t love myself.
I miss being with someone who is reason why you remember that there is always a reason to smile every day no matter how shitty you’re feeling.
I miss wanting to become a better person so that he can be proud of me.
I miss waking up all excited everyday because it’s another day to be spent with him.
I miss being in a relationship that felt right.
I miss hearing someone special say “hello” to you, and it would sound like the best thing you’ve ever heard.
I miss feeling like everything I ever needed in life was standing right in front of me.
I don’t know if I will find love like that again.
And that thought scares me. Knowing I had something so special, then watching it slip through my very fingers over the years and not knowing exactly how to stop it from going.
Going, going.. Now it’s gone.
Until the day I find someone who’s willing to pick up the pieces with me and go through everything all over again, I guess I’m going to have to learn how to be alone without feeling completely lonely and miserable.
I guess I don’t mind the being alone part so much. What really gets to me are all these voices inside my head telling me,
“You’re never going to find somebody who will love you like that again.”
…And I almost believe them.
But I still hope I’ll find someone to have and to hold in my life again some day. I know finding that person will be worth all the prior heartbreak. And it will be worth the wait.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Hello i'm back!!!!

Im so happy too so much to update:

I feel like I haven't blog in like for ever.

So while i work on my next blog post check this out,

Join and have some fun: I know i love them. "Influenster"

See you soon ttyl

Thursday, February 5, 2015


SO sorry for the back blog. January is a crazy time for me and my family. Its like everyone birthday is in January. My birthday, moms and dad. So in this blog I am going to begin with my dad birthday them my mom birthday. My birthday on a different day cause that going to be a long post.

Well for some reason every year my dad like going out to eat at red lobster. The whole family was there and the food was good. Their is nothing like having your family around when you love your family.

My brother and I

FAMILY he could not keep the came still lol

For my mother birthday we got Olive Grading I didn't take any pictures , but I did vlog tho. So that much will be on my YouTube channel.

I hope all is well until next time xoxo

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR My peaches,  I hope everyone new year was a good one and safe one.

I have so many back blog to do but i am going to began with this one :).

This year I bought in the new year with my family,  I dint go out with any friends this year, also the person I wanted to spend the most time with in not in Georgia. SO with that being said family it was lol.

My did a nice little new year eve spread, so the food and drinks was on point.

I don't know about you but my family has this thing with on new year day there is:

NO: washing clothing (u wash someone out your life/family)
NO: ironing clothing ( why, I don't know. You just do it)
The first person that walk thew the door need to be a male with at least 10 dollar or money in his pocket
Cook and eat: black eye peas for luck and greens for money.

So yea that is our crazy New Year thing. lol  is this just my family that do this or do yall family do the same thing? or is this just a Southern thing may be a African american thing get let me know plz.

Well on to pictures that I took on new years eve.

Pour it! Drink it up! Take a Pic!

ITS all most that time! For the count down!

Monday, December 8, 2014


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